Monday, August 27, 2007

A Lesson from my Son

By Kathleen Beaulieu
...dari salah satu risalah dalam Program Taklimat untuk ibubapa Lama SRIH 25/8/07. Orang tak beriman pun menghargai kualiti adab-adab sesama insan, dll...kita apatah lagi.

I was one of those lucky children for whom learning came easy. So, when I became a parent, I naturally assumed that if I rad to both of my children faithfully and offered them fun, educational playtimes, they would follow in my footsteps. They, too, would learn, retain materials and receive all A's as I had done.

Amanda, my first child, was right on target. She learned quickly and earned good grades. However, even though I practiced the same methods with my second child, Eric, I sensed that life wouold be a challenge, not only for his teachers, but for Eric and myself personally.

I did my part for this sweet, loving youngster who was never a discipline problem for anyone. I made sure his homework was completed each night, kept in touch with his teachers, and enrolled him in every assistance program the scool had to offer. But, no matter how hard he struggled, report cards with Cs were met with frustration and tears. I could see his discouragement and feared he wuld lose all interest in learning. Soon I doubted myself.

Where had I failed my son? I wondered. Why couldn't I motivate him to help him succeed? I felt if he didn't excel in school, he would be unable to create a life f his own or support himself and perhaps a family someday.

Eric was a sixteen-ear-old blonde when my eyeswere opened. We were sittin in the living room when the phone rang; a massage thet my father had suffered a massive heart attack and died at age of seventy nine.

"Papa", as Eric had called him, had been such apart of my little boy's life during his five years. Since my husband workednights and sleep days, it was Papa who took him for haircuts, ice-cream ad played baseball with him during those earlier times. Papa was his number-one pal.

When my father left and moved back to the town where he grew up, Eric was lost without him. But time healed those wonds. Gradually, he came to understand his grandfather's need for old friends and roots of the past.

Foe Eric, phone calls and visits from the grandfather he loved became a way of life. And his Papa never forgot him.

When we entered the funeral parlor,I stood in the doorway and looked at my father, so still, so unlike the men I knew. My children were on eithe side of me, and I felt Eric takemy hand as we walked up to his grandfather.

We shared our moments together then took our places on the side of the room as hundreds f friends filed by. Each person shared sympathies and memories of my father'sife. Others just touched my hand and walked away.

Suddenly, I realized Eric wasn't beside me. I turned to look around the room and noticed him near the entranceway helping the elderly in need of assistance with the stairs or the door. Strangers all, some with walkers, others with canes, many simply leaning on his arm as he led them to his grandfather to pay their last respects.

Later that evening the funeral director mentioned to me that one more pall bearer was needed. Eric immediately said, "Please Sir, may I help?"

The director suggested he might prefer to stay with his sister and myself. Eric shook his head. " My papa carried me when I was little," he said."Now it's my turn to carry him." When I heared those words I started to cry. I felt as though I could never stop.

From that moment on, I knew I would never berate my son for imperfect grades. Never again would I expect him to be someone I had created in my own mind, because that individual I envisioned was nowhere near the fine person my son had become. His compassion, caring and love were the gifts God had blessed him with. No book could be taught him these things. No degree framed behind glass would ever convey to the world the qualitties Eric possessed.

He is now twenty years old and continues to spread his kindness, his sense of humor and compassion for his fellow man wherever he goes. Today I ask myself, What difference do science and math grades make? When a young man does the best he can, he deserves an "A" from the heart.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

MRSM Pontian...satu aura

...walaupun bukan x-MRSM Pontian dan dah 3 kali datang ke sini tapi entah kenapa kali ni lain benar rasanya...dan nostalgia 25 tahun lepas kembali menjelma,walaupun dah berkongsi sekelumit cuma..semoga kalian berlapang dada
...terima kasih warga (90) 2nd batch MAJUSCORP kerana menerima kami seadanya...adib faiz, azlan,rauf, azizi, kamal, ajib, hafizi,...ramaila x ingat nama... kelas Yale, semua adik2 kasih dan sayang
...semoga air mata yang tumpah bakal memadamkan api neraka kelak, jangan dilupakan dan disiakan segala janji dan hijrah yang dimenterai...moga auranya berkekalan sampai bila-bila
...kepada warga KRJ... kalian dah buktikan sekali lagi bahawa doa, ukhuwwah dan gandingan mantap mengatasi segalanya.
Selamat Berjuang
terkini 21/8: dalam sibuk2 program..rupa2 nya ada anak sedara masuk F4 (oxford) MJSCP awal tahun ni dan baru tahu masa balik kampung baru-baru ni...hmmm, dah lama tak balik ke, aku yang teruk niH?...ada la alasan nak pegi lagi....x pe abang ngah insyaallah kita jumpa lagi di MJSCP. Bila tu ?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Aiman dapat no 1..

Abah...Aiman dapat no 1
Bila pulak Aiman periksa?
Tadi teacher bagi pencil colour
Tahniah...good...good, takyah lah abah bagi heh, lagipun hari2 Aiman dah dapat jajan... biskut panjang, baulu, air sedap, biskut tiger...ish, ish...macam2 lagi la yang Aiman selalu SMS abah semua abah beli...
Aiman tak kisah..

Abah...hari ni Zaim nyanyi (lagu patriotik) kat Angsana
Eh, bajunya mana, ooo ustazah takut korang tak pulang heh
Dah 3/4 minggu praktis mesti masuk final nih...Cuba nyanyi sikit sebelum pegi nih
Aku bukanlah seorang perwira
gagah menghunus senjata
namun hati rela berjuang
walau dengan gaya sendiri
demi cita ini
betapa dibumi ini kumelangkah
ke utara, selatan, timur dan barat
ku jejaki
kalau menang kena gi lagi Sabtu ni bah

Sabtu ni...ARGHHH
Ya Allah... sesungguhnya 'pilihan'pada setiap sabtu itu amat payah
(terkini ...dapat SMS dari ustazah...SRIH x dapat masuk final..takpe2, abah dah tengok sikit masa latihan, yang penting semangat dan usaha dalam persaingan..cuba lagi team choir SRIH!)